"A Valentine's Day Blooming with Love" (恋の花咲くバレンタイン Koi no Hanasaku Barentain) is the second episode of Tamako Market. The episode was written by Reiko Yoshida and directed by Ichirou Miyoshi.


As Valentine's Day approaches, Tamako suggests the shopping district should hold a Valentine campaign. However, Tamako's father, Mamedai, is against the campaign, believing it to be too modernised. As Tamako and Mochizō start shooting a commercial for the shopping district, Tamako's friend, Midori Tokiwa, feels conflicted by feelings she starts having around Tamako. At the screening of the commercial, Dera manages to stand in for the projector by projecting the image through his eyes. When the commercial finishes, Dera shows another video, this time a video message from his home country. As Valentine's Day arrives, Midori comes to terms a little with her feelings.

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