The Baton Club Twins are two younger members. Their names have not been revealed.[1]


They are identical; however, they are subtly different in the way they style their hair. One twin wears her hair in pigtails, while the other wears hers down. Both have a small, curly strand of hair that hangs down in their face.

Personalities Edit

Their relationship with Tamako and her friends are, for the most part, prominent only in the baton club. They often are seen speaking in unison and sitting side-by-side.

The two maintain an enthusiastic attitude towards any potential idea their friends have. In Tamako and her friends' third year, with Kanna recommending a special event for their final year in high school, the twins wholeheartedly beckon for Midori—the club president—to do it.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • One of the twins share the same voice actress as Yuzuki.

Reference Edit

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