Chouji Yumoto (湯本 長治 Yumoto Chōji) is the owner of the Bunny Baths bathhouse, and the runner of Usagiyama Shopping District's meetings.[1]

Appearance Edit

Chouji appears to be a man past his mid-fifties. His skin is relatively tanned, and his hair is grey. He has brown eyes, and a slight mustache above his mouth. He is occasionally seen in a green turtleneck sweater, but primarily wears a brown outer wear commonly seen in bathhouses, green sneakers, and glasses.

Personality Edit

He is an upbeat man, with a slight eccentricity as he'd always dreamed of being able to speak to animals (or in the said case, birds).[1] He apparently stutters when nervous, although this could have been just a gag for the Valentine's Day Meeting.[2]

Although Chouji is usually shown in a happy manner, he was notably solemn when hearing of his only daughter's engagement to the point of closing his bathhouse for a day.[3]

References Edit

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