Kaoru Hanase (花瀬 かおる Hanase Kaoru) is the owner of the flower shop Florist Princess in the Usagi-yama shopping district.[1]


Kaoru front

Kaoru has long, poofy, blonde hair that is tied in a pink bauble, and green eyes. Fairly tall, Kaoru appears to be taller than a majority of the shop owners in the district. The florist is noted to be quite pretty, as Dera informs to Mochizō that the latter wouldn't have a chance if he were to profess his affections.[2]

Kaoru's standard outfit is usually being donned in a pink apron-like outer clothing with a single yellow flower dotted onto it, covering white button-down blouse. Kaoru wears slim blue jeans and owns red boots.


Kaoru is a friendly, yet slightly quiet individual, and is often seen making graceful gestures. Kaoru expresses concern for others' well-being, and has a gentle aura. The florist is also shown to be rather welcoming, often giving Tamako's family the prettiest flowers.[3]


  • Kaoru's last name, Hanase (花瀬) has the kanji hana (花) that literally means flower, befitting as the florist of Usagiyama Shopping District.


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