Mari Uotani (魚谷 真理 Uotani Mari) is one of the members of Usagiyama Shopping District. She and her husband, Takashi, are the fishmongers of the Sashimi Shop (fish shop).[1]

Appearance Edit


Mari is a woman on the plump side. Her eyes are of a cheerful brown shade, and her short hair is of the same shade, parted to either side of her face.

Her attire consists of a pink sweater under a red apron held by a white string around her neck. She wears dark green pants and dons red boots.

Personality Edit

In contrast to her husband, Mari is much more outgoing and has an openly friendly personality. Whereas her husband keeps quiet normally, she encourages customers to come and try their fish. She and her husband continue to love each other, as she suggests to go see a movie every now and then on a weekend.[2] She was watchful of her husband when he'd joked about his disappointment of Sayuri's engagement status, glaring and pouting at him.[3]

References Edit

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