Michiko Ōji (大路 道子 Ōji Michiko) is Mochizō's mother, who helps run the Ōji-ya shop. She is fully aware of her son's romantic interest.[1]



Michiko is a youthful looking woman who appears to be quite young and could be mistaken for her son's sister rather than his mother..

She wears her long, reddish-brown hair down. A strand of her bangs hangs on her face, but the rest is parted to the side. Like her son's, her eyes are brown and angular.

Personality Edit

Michiko presents herself as more open-minded than her eccentric husband and is notably more mature. She is introduced reminding her son to do his homework with a cross expression, contrasting her husband's easy-going nature.[1] Nevertheless, her mature personality does not go unnoticed, as she lightly advises her son to go on and confess to Tamako, supports his decision to study in Tokyo, and scolds her husband for behaving immaturely in crises.[2]

References Edit

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