Nobuhiko Tokiwa (常盤 信彦 Tokiwa Nobuhiko) is the grandfather of Midori, and is the owner of the toy shop in Usagiyama Shopping District.[1]

Appearance Edit


Nobuhiko is a an elderly man with a short stature, and he often holds up his body with a long kendama. He bears grey hair, and is commonly seen in a brown hat.

He often wears a green suit with a purple, pink-polka-dotted bow attached to a white button-down underneath, along with brown pants. His feet are covered with black and red boots and apparent knee-length purple socks.

Personality Edit

He presents himself as an upbeat, very energetic man despite his age. In contrast to his granddaughter's serious and more careful nature, he is seen as more careless, and is well-liked among the children in the market district.[2]

He also appears to enjoy teasing Midori a bit, mentioning how she'd used to stand in front of his store and advertise for him as a child in spite of her current embarrassment.[2]

References Edit

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