Sayuri Yumuto (湯本 さゆり Yumoto Sayuri) is the daughter of Bunny Bath's (うさ湯 Usayu) owner, Chouji Yumoto, at Usagiyama Shopping District.[1]


Sayuri is a young woman with long, light brown hair, and green eyes. Her bangs are tied back with a orange ribbon headband. She wears glasses.

Personality Edit

She appears to be a slightly introverted individual as inferred from her first major appearance, where she prefered sitting alone at the stairs while watching over the Usagiyama meeting. She also seems to be polite, as she handed out tea at the meeting.[2]


  • Tomio Shimizu: Tomio has been secretly in love with Sayuri.[2] However, he never acted on his feelings, though she is friendly to him nonetheless.[1]

References Edit

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