Takashi Uotani (魚谷 隆 Uotani Takashi) is one of the shopkeepers at Usagiyama Shopping District. He and his wife, Mari, are the fishmongers of the Sashimi Shop (fish shop).[1]

Appearance Edit


Takashi is a man with navy hair scraped back, revealing his forehead. His eyebrows are slightly thick, and his eyes are a deeper shade in comparison to his wife's.

He is typically seen in a cream-colored sweater as well as a black apron, his feet donned in boots.

Personality Edit

He is primarily a quiet, and modest person in contrast to Mari.

Despite that, he also seems to be capable of cracking light-hearted jokes every now and then, as seen when he had joked he was disappointed at Sayuri's engaged status, at which he received a glare from his wife.[2] Nonetheless, he does love his wife, as he often goes out to see movies with her.[3]

References Edit

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