The front of Tama-ya.

Tama-ya (たまや Tamaya) is a rice cake (mochi) shop ran by the Kitashirakawa Family in the Usagiyama Shopping District. It is located directly across from another rice cake shop, Ōji-ya. It is also the home of the Kitashirakawa family, and was temporarily lived at by Dera Mochimazzi.

History Edit

It is said to have been established because Fuku Kitashirakawa's grandfather had owned a mochi shop.[1] Its successor became Mamedai, and is planned to be Tamako for her future plans following graduation.[2] Due to Mamedai's traditional ways, it also tends to be traditional in its mochi baking and is considered less modern than its rival Ōji-ya.[1]

Its known products are heart-shaped mochi,[3]sakuramochi,[4] and daifuku.[5]

Trivia Edit

  • The model for Tama-ya is based off on a store in Demachiyanagi Shopping Street.[6]

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Lovey Dovey Heart Mochi



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