Tomio Shimizu (清水 富雄 Shimizu Tomio) is one of the market shop keepers in Usagiyama Shopping District, and runs the tofu shop there, Shimizuya (清水屋).[1]

Appearance Edit

Tomio Front

Tomio is a portly man with an almost afro-like hairstyle. His eyes are brown, and he has small eyebrows. He is most often seen having a set of sunglasses perched near his forehead.

His attire is typically an orange and white short-sleeved, baseball-styled shirt with a dark blue apron tied around his waist. His pants are brown, with green and white sneakers having peach soles.

Personality Edit

He has a gentle, friendly nature. He is, however, shy around Sayuri Yumoto and blushes deeply in her presence.[2] He behaves in a flustered manner when she is indirectly mentioned.[3]

Relationships Edit

  • Sayuri Yumoto: Their relationship is of a one-sided crush on Tomio's side. She remains oblivious to his feelings towards her, but regards him kindly. When having heard of her engagement for another person, he wished her happiness.[2]

References Edit

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