Bunny hop hop! Bunny mountain! Today, we're a happy shopping district!” 
— Usagiyama Shopping District Slogan

The exterior of the shopping district.

The Usagiyama Shopping District, literally Bunny Mountain Shopping District, (うさぎ山商店街 Usagiyama Shōtengai) is the primary setting throughout Tamako Market, as well as its film sequel Tamako Love Story. It is a fictional market district located in Japan with several distinct shops with shopkeepers with distinct personalities.[1] It has a fair amount of customers attending it daily, although business is often slow in the summer due to the heat most particularly to the two mochi shops that is located there.[2]

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A shopping district with a cheerful, friendly atmosphere, the market is visited with a consistent amount of customers (excluding the summertime).The shopping district hosts meetings on certain days for shopkeepers to discuss new ideas for advertising and attracting in more customers.To do so, the shopping district has so far hosted a haunted house located within the district as well as having a Valentine-themed design to it.[3][4]

Its slogan, or what is said at the meetings is "Bunny hop hop! Bunny mountain! Today we're a happy shopping district!" (うさぎぴょこぴょこ!うさぎ山!今日も元気な!商店街!Usagi pyoko pyoko! Usagiyama! Kyōmo genkina! Shōtengai!)

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