Yuuko Kisaragi (木更木 夕子 Kisaragi Yuuko) is a student at Tamako's school, her senior, and the former president of the Baton Club.[1]


Yuuko is a teenaged girl. She has straight, auburn hair that reaches a bit past her shoulders. Her fringe is layered outwards. 

Personality Edit

Having watched Tamako and her friends' baton performance the year before, she expressed playful mischief when she came for a surprise visit to check up on their plans for the next festival.

In a discussion on last year's performance, she remarked that the theme—a magic show with dancing and music—had given her the impression that a dove would come out due to the genre of the music played.

During her time as a member of the baton club, she fostered the belief that in spite of one's plethora of knowledge on the sport, one's ideal vision of the sport wouldn't match their abilities in reality. She believed motivation to succeed and physical knowledge of the sport itself was key to being a successful baton member.[2]

She was also emotional, having shed tears of gratitude when receiving a bouquet of flowers at the end of her last participation in the summer festival.

References Edit

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